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Mindset Monday: Why We Do What We Do by Tony Robbins

08/10/2017 - Personal Development

Personal development is crucial to your success as an entrepreneur and network marketer.

In this personal development feature, Tony Robbins explains the invisible forces that shape our every thought, behavior, and action.


Cliff Notes:

Resources VS Resourcefulness

  • Emotion is the force of life
  • People do not necessarily work in their self-interests at all times. When emotion comes into it, the wiring changes in the way it functions.
  • Effective leaders have the ability to consistently move themselves and others to action because they understand the “invisible forces” that shape us
  • When people fail to achieve their goals… what are the reasons they give? time, money, technology, contacts, knowledge – these are a claim to your missing resources, even though they may be accurate they’re not the defining factor
  • The defining factor is never resources, it’s resourcefulness (e.g. creativity, determination, love/caring, curiosity, passion, resolve– if we get the right emotion, we can get ourselves to do anything and get through it

3 Decisions of Destiny

These are the 3 decisions we are making every moment of our lives

  1. What am I going to focus on? focus = feeling,  past/present/future, self or others
  2. What does it mean? 
  3. What are you going to do? Are you going to give up or move forward?

Decisions shape destiny, the minute you decide to focus on something you have got to give it a meaning and meaning produces emotion. An emotion then creates what we’re going to do or the action.

Emotion is the force of life - Tony Robbins

The Two Primary Patterns: The invisible forces that shape us

  1. In the moment: our “state”, physical/emotional
  2. Long-term: our model of the world/world view: the shaper of meaning, emotion, and action!

When we want to influence somebody, we’ve got to know what already influences them. What influences are made up of three parts –

  1. What’s your target? What are you after? Tony believes it is not desires, but human needs and there are six human needs (see below)
  2. Once you know what the target that’s driving you,  you  uncover it for the truth – you don’t form it
  3. Then you find out what’s your map: what’s the belief systems that are telling you how to get those needs e.g. build something, create something, love someone, etc

6 Human Needs

The first four needs are the needs of the personalities – every human finds a way to meet – and the last two are the needs of the spirit which stems from fulfillment.

  1. Certainty – to avoid pain and be comfortable (e.g. smoke a cigarette, develop a skill, give up, etc)
  2. Uncertainty – we need variety and surprise for our own good
  3. Significance –  we need to feel important and unique (e.g. making more money, be more spiritual, violence, etc)
  4. Connection + Love – we need it through friendship, prayer, walking in nature, etc
  5. Growth – Tony believes the reason we grow is to give something of value
  6. To contribute beyond ourselves – living is giving

We all need all six of the above but whatever your lead system is, tilts you in a different direction. As you move towards the direction, you have a destination or a destiny.

The second piece is the map – operating system which tells you how to get there (e.g. I am gonna save lives even if I die for other people, I am going to kill people to do it, etc). There are seven different beliefs (which he did not mention)

There are seven different beliefs (which he did not mention).

The last piece is emotion – explore your needs, beliefs, and emotions that are controlling you so…

  • there’s more of you to give and achieve and
  • so that you can appreciate what’s driving other people.

Your Turn

What showed up for you out of listening to Tony speak about why we do what we do?

Comment below with your favorite nugget of wisdom and at least one way you’re going to implement something from what you heard.

22 Minute Mindset + Personal Development Video: Why We Do What We Do by Tony Robbins