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2 Critical Elements your Website is Missing

10/14/2017 - Email Marketing, Website

As a network marketer, solo-entrepreneur or small business owner, your website exists to…

  • provide value and build trust with your audience;
  • establish authority;
  • show potential customers that you can help them solve their problem;
  • and turn those prospects into paying customers.

While many of you have “pretty” websites, you’re frustrated because it’s not doing anything for your business. Why aren’t leads and sales trickling in when you’re putting out content on your blog and consistently going live on Facebook?

Let’s take a look at your website and identify two critical elements it could be missing.

To get started, let’s look at some examples from the “experts”, because… SUCCESS LEAVES CLUES.

As we look through these examples, can you can pick out the 2 key elements all of these sites have in common? (Hint: It has nothing to do with design!)

What 2 elements did you notice that each of these sites have in common?


They give away value in exchange for an email address &  they showcase social proof.


Why are all of these businesses capturing email addresses?

Let’s say you’re going out on the town with your girlfriends and you happen to meet a great guy at the bar. You have a great conversation, feel tons chemistry, but you leave without his phone number.

Obviously you both hit it off. He was interested in you, you were interested in him. You wanted to learn more about him and have more magical conversations, but now you have no way to make that happen.

Capturing emails on your website is like getting the hot guy’s phone number. When a prospect lands on your website, connects with your message and opts in to your freebie, they’re saying: “let’s continue this conversation”.

Let’s check: When prospects land on your website, do you have a way to continue the conversation so they can eventually become a customer?


Why are all of these businesses showcasing social proof?

Because psychology.

Social proof is the psychological phenomenon where people follow the actions of others to make sure they are doing the “right” thing. In other words, we’re hardwired as humans to modify our behavior based on the opinions and actions of others.

In fact, 79% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations before making a buying decision, according to this 2013 study. The study goes on to state, “Positive reviews have a real, actual impact on purchasing decisions. Reviews influence both attitude and the resultant actions of consumers. They have a direct impact on whether a consumer chooses to use one business over its competitors.”

This just goes to show you just how powerful social proof can be for your business.

Let’s check: Do you have social proof displayed predominantly on your website?


If you are missing either of these two elements, create a plan to include it on your website as soon as possible.

Implementing these two elements can increase your number of leads, convert more sales, establish your authority, build trust and impact your business in so many other ways.